Marsh Adventures

Session 1
Into the marsh

The party all got off of a ship in the “capital” city of Zarash’ak. They headed about their separate ways.

Blank the Kalashtar Cleric headed for the inn/tavern/general store to inquire after the healing house. Her use of telepathy was very offsetting to the barkeep who sent her on her way.

“Yellow” headed for an unknown destination to do “stuff”.

Fynn headed over to the inn in her search for knowledge.

Navah the Deva Warlock was off looking for a rumored tower she had heard of in her studies.

After questioning many she gathered some helpers and set off to explore the marshes to the north.

After a bumpy start the party all ended up needing a boat to go up river to follow. They managed to not get gouged for the price of their boat, and head out with the tides that evening.

After a time the party settled in for the night on the boat, anchored in the river. On Navah’s watch she heard the sounds of a child crying from the bank. With some help she moved the boat towards the sound, hoping to help the child. The rest of the party awoke and attempted to move the boat back towards the middle of the river just in time for the child on the bank to reveal herself as a Hag.

The party made slow work of the hag but eventually won out (Through a record number of under 5 rolls). Fynn retrieved the bow that the Hag had.

In the morning they completed their journey, moored the boat and headed inland past the Aberrant Scar towards the location of the tower.

When they approached the tower they had quite the site to behold. A tower completely covered in green mushrooms. “Yellow” was rather cleaver and spread out canvas over them to keep the spores off of the party as they crossed. Upon closer inspection they discovered that the door was covered in red mushrooms. Fynn knocked one of the Hag’s arrows and shot it at the door, the red-mushroom-trap went off and exploded. “Yellow” unlocked the door and “went on his way” (aka stealthily went off to the side).

Fynn opened the door and was greeted with the look down the throat of an aberrant beast. The two beasts were an easy fight for the party who searched the room, finding a few old books and little else of use. They ascended the tower quickly to discover an empty second level. Blank found an amulet which was identified to giver her resistances to acid.

On the third floor of the tower they met a more elite aberrant beast with two comrades.

Seaming for no reason (Or because “Yellow” used some strange power) Fynn suddenly jumped up and flew fifteen feet at the obviously different beast. The party fended them off easily, (“Yellow” then moved up a story) finding nothing of use in the destroyed room they moved up.

At the top of the tower the Party met Grewynn, a Tiefling who questioned them harshly about why they were in her home attacking her friends. After a few words she attacked them.

It was a harsh battle but the party subdued her. While answering a few of their questions, she made many more. She petted one of the aberrant beasts and sent a second to find “Greg” who turned out to be a displacer beast. She was finally asked her how she felt, she answered, “Blissful,” and promptly fell over dead.

The party quickly searched the top level finding an odd circlet and then taking the body to dispose of quickly before “Greg” returned.

“Yellow” threw the body into the bog on the way back to the boat.

Total Loot:

  • 50g / player
  • A longbow (Fynn)
  • 20 Arrows in a quiver (Fynn)
  • Halo of Fallen Stars (Blank)
  • Several old books (Navah)
    • A note inside one of the old books (Party yet unaware of this)
  • 3 boxes of herbs
  • Silver belt buckle (1g)
  • Green Cloak (50s)
  • Nice Shoes (35s)
  • Unidentified brown linen bag



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