A githzerai assassin; he's loud-mouthed and more than kind of an asshole.


“Yellow” has a decent height to him, the tips of his ears just barely brushing against the six foot mark. His build is lean and lanky, though it’s closer to gaunt and skeletal by human terms. His namesake pale yellow skin is flecked with dark spots that cover significant portions of his face and limbs. His black hair is pulled into tight braids, though some loose strands hang in his face. He appears fairly young, his dark eyes still keen and optimistic. Seems he’s filed his teeth into points, and keeps his black claws fairly sharp… even if there’s no real function in it.

Yellow wears little in terms of adornment, with only plain silver beads capping the ends on his braids, and a single silver hoop through one ear; his clothing and armor are both fairly nondescript, dark in color and simple in cut.


TBA. lol spoilers


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