House Rules


In Marsh Adventures we will be using the 3.5 Alignments. True Neutral is replaced by Unaligned.


After a challenge is successfully the party will receive one or more of the following four types of rewards:

  • Gold or other currency: This reward will generally be split between the party evenly. In some instances (found on a successful perception check under the corner of the rug, or when it is an odd number and there is a spare few gold) the gold will not be evenly split.
  • Mundane Items: These fluff items will be given along with their gold total. It is assume that the next time the party goes to a city that they are exchanged for gold and that gold is evenly split among the party. This does not mean that a mundane gold ring cannot be claimed and worn by one of the characters, the gold total for that item is simply not given to the player when the mundane items are sold.
  • Magic Items: When a challenge results in a magic item as part of the reward the players who have not received a magic item in recently will roll off, the winner will receive an item chosen by the DM.
  • Party Loot: This is an item that can be utilized for the whole party. This is for instance being granted a boat, or group traveling papers. The Bag of Holding Awarded in the first session is for instance party loot.

House Rules

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